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Hersolution Formula

To help women counter-attack the demeaning consequences of vaginal dryness, some of America’s Leading Sexologists have formulated the HerSolution Gel under the strict supervision of cGMP complaint pharmaceuticals-grade labs.

Designed precisely with an herbal blend of naturally potent ingredients, this ‘female sex lubricating gel’ has been recommended by Dr, Karen Vieira as it helps you get ‘wet’ and aroused INSTANTLY, thereby increasing your intimacy level for optimal sexual pleasure.

Because, as stated by the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (ACOG), vaginal dryness is a common problem that is faced by women of various ages, especially after menopause or perimenopause, childbirth, lactation, poor diet, stress, medical condition, ageing, lack of sleep, lifestyle patterns, and more. And, the reason behind such a absence is the decrease in oestrogen levels because oestrogen is the only hormone that is responsible for maintaining the vaginal tissues lubricated and healthy.

Consequently, to serve Canadian women the Best of Spa Quality ingredients for a warm, tingly and engorge’ing’ sensation down there, the product helps you relieve all Pressure and Stress to unfold maximum pleasure, orgasm and craving sex.

Why Is The Hersolution Gel Popular In Canada?

Not just in Canada, the product has gained immense appreciation from women all across the globe because it is a:

Best Female Libido Enhancing Gel

Spa-Quality Formulation

Natural Botanical Ingredients

No Odour

No Taste

No Sticky Residues

No reported unpleasant side effects

Made in cGMP-compliant pharmaceutical-grade manufacturing facilities

Contains NO parabens, silicone or glycerine like drugstore lubes

Light weighted, Fresh and naturally scented

Instant Arousing System

Doctor Approved Formula

Prescription Free Alternative

Offers 67 Days Risk-Free Money Back Guarantee.

What Are The Immediate Benefits Of The Hersolution Gel?

The HerSolution Gel offers both ‘Instant’ and long-term sexual benefits like:

A significant increase in sexual appetite

Increased sexual fantasies and anticipation of sexual events

Rapid body arousal

Speedy and brimming vaginal lubrication

Euphoric Orgasms with Pleasurable muscle contractions

Heightened sexual intimacy

Intensified sensations in the genitals

Reduced hot flashes

Boosted energy

Less irritability and mood swings

Keeps you ‘wet’, ‘warm’, and ‘slippery’ in just one application.

…are some of the positive and direct benefits of the HerSolution Gel.

What Are The Botanical Ingredients Blended In The Formulation Of Hersolution Gel?

The 100% Natural, Safe, Effective and Highest Quality ingredients blended in the HerSolution Gel include:


Natural Botanical Essences

Aloe Vera Extract

Shea Butter

Cocoa Butter

Olive Squalene

Carbopol Ultrez Polymer

Menthol USP

Citric Acid

Dipropylene Glycol


Menthol USP

Citric Acid, and

Purified Water.

How Does The Hersolution Gel Work?

Hersolution Women Health

The hand-crafted blend in the HerSolution Gel works in four steps:.

Whereas, some other sexually potent ingredients in the product is responsible for dilating the blood vessels in your body, thereby improving the circulation of blood, nutrients and oxygen to your genitals. Hence, by supplying your body with essential properties, the ingredients help you relax and enjoy the sexual experience without you having to try any harder.

Firstly, the ‘lubricating gel’ Reduces Vaginal Dryness for you to experience velvety-wet and joyful sexual encounters.

Secondly, the ingredients in the HerSolution Gel help dilate the blood vessels for increased blood flow to the vagina and clitoral region.

Thirdly, it intensifies sensations by creating a warm and wet atmosphere in your body. Thereby, shooting up the feeling of urgency and intensity.

And lastly, it also helps you experience pleasurable climaxing at the end of the love-session with added force and power as compared to your previous encounters.

Consequently, the HerSolution Gel guides you through all stages of love-making for ultimate sexual pleasure, for both you and your partner.

Is The Hersolution Gel Available Over-The-Counter Stores?

No, the product is not available over-the-counter stores. The proud makers of HerSolution Gel have deliberately decided not to outsource their supply to local dealers. Because many a times local dealers tend to confuse the item with local drug-store lubes, alter the price, withhold the amazing bonus offers, and many more instances like alterations, falsification, exchange of expired stock etc. Hence, to avoid all such circumstances, the brand of Leading Edge Health has knowingly not outsourced their business to unsafe hands.

Is The Hersolution Gel Purchasable Through Other Online Stores Like Amazon, Walmart, Walgreens, GNC Or CVS?

No. The House of Leading Edge Health has designed a personal website for HerSolution Gel, with detailed information about the product like its benefits, ingredients, price, bonus gifts, offers, money back guarantee offers and all other information that you deserve to know before purchasing the product, which otherwise will not be available in other online stores. Consequently, to deliver you the best stock at wholesale rates, the Official Website is the most suitable platform through which you can make your purchase.

Where To Buy Hersolution Gel In Canada?

If you are presently based in Canada and is willing to experience the breath-taking combination of the spa quality and botanical grade ingredients of the HerSolution Gel, then visit the Official Website, and check out the excellent offers before you make your purchase.

Reasons Why To Buy Hersolution Gel From The Official Website:

Only the HerSolution Gel Official Website Offers:

1. Risk-Free 67 Days Money Back Guarantee Policy

2. Discreet, Fast & Express Shipping Facilities

3. Price Discounts

4. Bonus Gifts

5. Best Value Offers

6. 100% Authentic Product

7. No Currency Conversion Free (Credits accepted in CA$)

8. You can also Call to order (1-866-269-3487)

9. Online Payment Facilities through Debit/Credit (Visa, Master Card, PayPal)

10. Shipping Insurance

11. SSL Certified Security.

Product Name

HerSolution Gel


Leading Edge Health.

Main Benefits:

  • Engorged Vaginal Lubrication
  • Increase in Sexual Appetite
  • Rapid Body Arousal Speed
  • Intensified Sensations in Genitals
  • Satisfying Orgasms
  • Pleasurable Muscle Contraction, and many more.


3 Capsules per day with water, app. 45 mins before workout sessions.

Shipping Charges:

FREE and FAST Shipping Services.

Price (CA$):

1 Month Pack (1 Tube)
Retail Price (CAD): $90.43
Offer Price: $77.50
Savings: $12.93.

Special Deals:

2 Month’s Pack (2 Tubes)
Retail Price (CAD): $180.86
Offer Price: $122.75
Savings: $58.11.

3 Month’s Pack (3 Tubes)
Retail Price (CAD): $271.29.
Offer Price: $167.99 + 1 FREE Box of HerSolution.
Savings: $103.30.

6 Month’s Pack (BEST VALUE) Retail Price (CAD): $542.58.
Offer Price: $264.95 + 1 FREE Box of HerSolution + 1 FREE One-Touch Mini Vibrator.
Savings: $277.63.

Where to Buy Hersolution Gel:

Official Website.

To get past all the uncomfortable and painful sexual encounters resulting from vaginal dryness, the HerSolution Gel is the only Affordable, Effective, Natural, Instant, and Long-Lasting alternative to drugstore lubricants. Grab the latest deals, discount offers and bonus gifts only from the Official Website.

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